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About Us

NASHWAN is a local establishment which was created in 1998 in Abu Dhabi. Since the beginning and according to the policy of its creator, the company core activity is the trading of spare parts and repair service for military platforms in order to serve the brothers in arm. We should be grateful for the confidence they immediately put in NASHWAN when the activity started. Since 2005 up to now, NASHWAN is an official supplier for UAE Armed Forces.

Spare parts procurement was the first activity of NASHWAN. We are able to supply spares for Navy, Land and Air Forces.

NASHWAN offers through the help of its industrial partners globally (Defense and Civil Sectors):

  • Supply of spare parts from stocks or refurbishment;
  • Repair & Overhaul of equipment/critical systems;
  • Reverse engineering solution;
  • On-site maintenance;
  • Professional support.

Having its own highly qualified team, NASHWAN has diversified its activity to comply with the civil sector requirements, especially in special applications where NASHWAN can offer to its customer innovative and high tech products;

  • Solar systems: provider of Turn-Key solutions for photovoltaic systems;
  • Environment protection equipment: Vessel Monitoring System;
  • Equipment for Power Generation & Industrial Sector (Oil & Gas Onshore and Offshore, Power Station, Nuclear Plant, Refineries…); UPS, Frequency Converters, Exciters and PMG, Valves, Batteries.


   Quality Management System:

NASHWAN is ISO 9000:2015 certified for Quality Management System since 14th  March 2006– UKAS certified.


Scope of the Certification:

Supply and Repair management of spare parts for Aeronautical, Navy and Land Forces and Integration of  Photovoltaic Systems.

  Organization / Key Personnel:

  • Chairman: Founder of NASHWAN, Abdulla Saeed AL RAHBI, a national who was in service during 22 years for the UAE Army, has been granted the Diploma of Higher Technician University Studies in Electronics from Pierre & Marie Curie  University, Paris 6, France in 1992. Throughout his military career, he gained a longstanding experience in project management, procurement, equipment repair, and reverse engineering.
  • Managing Director: Anne AL RAHBI is also the Head of Sales & Marketing and Quality Representative of NASHWAN. Graduated in 1991 with a Master of Sciences in Environment at Wye College, University of London, she has also an engineering Diploma in Agronomical Sciences (ENSA Toulouse).
  • Other permanent employees;
  • Head of Logistics Department
  • Senior Electrical Engineer
  • Clerk for Logistics.


What makes the strength of NASHWAN Company can be resumed as follows:

  • 20 years of activities in Abu Dhabi emirate, with a good credibility gained from the governmental institutions and agencies;
  • Skilled and professional personnel trained regularly for improving their performance;
  • A strong network of partners/principals committed to performing the technical back up and assistance whenever it is required by the customer;
  • Advanced, innovative and high-quality products;
  • Reliability for after-sales services;
  • Looking always for customer satisfaction above all.

Chairman Message

Abdullah AL RAHBI, Chairman & CEO

At NASHWAN, we take great pride in our commitment to providing personal and professional services in a responsive, high-quality manner.

Being a retired officer of the UAE Armed Forces, I strive to provide outstanding support to serve my country. There is no doubt our services are a direct reflection of our individual capabilities, personalities, and experiences.  Consequently, together with my team, we strive to build client relationships that are mutually rewarding.

Our aim is always to achieve client satisfaction and we believe that it can be achieve through a balance of significant experience, knowledge of today's best practices, and access to cutting edge technology.  We offer expertise that goes beyond "state of the practice" to include innovative solutions through the help of our wide network of suppliers and partners. 

Our Mission

Reaching the best quality of services and defining the most pertinent system / solution according to client needs.

Our Vision

To be the leader in our field of activities and to be the first for innovative solutions.