Military Spare Parts

Spare parts procurement was the first activity of NASHWAN. Since 1998, it never stops to grow. We are able to supply spares parts for;  Navy, Land and Air Forces.

The parts are sourced according to the:

  1. NATO Code Identification of the items and/or
  2. Selection of the best NATO original (OEM)
  3. Certified Subcontractors by the OEM

Repair Management

NASHWAN offers customized solutions for trouble shooting, repair and overhaul of equipment. Depending on the requirements, it can be:

  1. either by bringing a professional team of technicians & engineers on site;
  2. or by dismantling the defect equipment and sending it to our certified partner’s workshop.

We have already implemented 16 of such projects since 2011 for the UAE Land Forces and the UAE Navy concerning a wide range of equipment such as digital & analog boards, motors reducers and sub-assemblies of radars.

When the equipment is NON repairable, NASHWAN will propose an alternative solution of reproducing or replacing the item.